Washington State Destination Sales Tax

Washington state requires retailers delivering goods to customers in Washington to collect sales tax based on where the customer receives the merchandise - the “destination” of the sale. If you ship or deliver any goods, this requirement applies to you!

NEW! Tax Link Web Service for Web Shopping Carts now available!

Edge Techologies has the solution. In addition to a module for our existing Profit Premier POS system, we also have a standalone program for users of other systems or cash registers.

Standalone Tax Link
  • Fast
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate
  • Networkable
  • No internet connection required
  • FREE demo/training version

The standalone Tax Link program is still priced at only $99 and is available for download here. The download is FREE; you pay only when you register the product. Tax Link runs on any current or recent version of Windows and is network-friendly.

Tax Link's end-of-month report can be directly uploaded to the Department of Revenue's online tax report, or you can print it and include it with your return, if you file on paper.

FREE downloaded version is fully workable in Demo mode for demo, training, and evaluation. Payment is due when you register/activate.

Wa. State Destination Tax

Download quarterly files from within Taxlink

Click here to download a Flash Demo of Tax Link.

Click here to read the Tax Link manual online.

Tax Link PROGRAM Update

If you have having difficulties activing your 4th Quarter data files, please download and install this update.

Note that this update does not include the Quarterly data files; you should download those from within Tax Link as usual (Utilites/Update.)

If your retail location does not have internet access, you can download the latest update here and then carry it to your retail computer(s) via USB drive, CD, or other method of your choosing.

Tax Link for Premier

The Tax Link for Premier module provides a destination sales tax capability for our Profit Premier Retail Management System. Tax Link for Premier is available now! Call our sales department at 800-275-2015 ext 61 to order! Click here for more information about Profit Premier.

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