TaxLink Web Services Edition for Shopping Carts!

Edge Technologies, Inc. is pleased to offer our Tax Link Web Service for shopping carts and other internet-based sales systems. Now web merchants can be compliant with the Washington State Destination Sales Tax, too.

Washington retailers, including web-based retailers, who deliver goods to customers in Washington must collect sales tax based on where the customer receives the merchandise - the “destination” of the sale. Tax Link Web Service is easily integrated into your shopping cart, and is affordable.

Fast - Affordable - Accurate - And . . .
Completely transparent to your web customers

To Order Tax Link Web Service

To order Tax Link Web Service, please call our sales department at 253-383-9181 Ext 61, or email us at Please note that availability depends on your shopping cart software. If Tax Link Web Service is not yet available for your cart, or if you use internally-developed shopping cart software, see the next section.

Pricing for Tax Link Web Service is as follows:

One-time setup fee:$49.99
Up to 50 transactions / mo:$ 9.99 / mo
Up to 120 transactions / mo:$19.99 / mo
Up to 250 transactions / mo:$29.99 / mo
Up to 500 transactions / mo:$39.99 / mo
Above 500 transactions / mo:Call

Integrating With Shopping Cart Software

Integrating Tax Link Web Service with your shopping cart software is easy! A single HTTPS transaction is all that's required. Web developers wanting to add Tax Link Web Service to their shopping cart software should email us at, or call 253-383-9181 Ext 48 to request a Development Kit and test account.

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